Monday, May 31, 2010

Flowers from Mom

She showed up at my door, cute as a button, hair shooting in all directions, and she held in her hands the most beautiful vase filled with Jacob's Ladder roses.
My mother had come over for no other reason than to bring me some of her beautifull roses.
These random acts of kindness and beauty are very commonplace with her and I was the lucky recipient yesterday.

Growing up, my Mom always had flowers planted and it is from those early years when weeding the flower beds, I think I learned to appreciate the smell of newly turned earth.
She has passed her love of flowers onto all 3 of us girls and her garden is one to envy.
When I think mine looks good or is coming along well,  I am humbeled when I see her yard.

You have taught us to enjoy and appreciate so many things Mother. As simple as flowers and as full as the generosity of spirit.
Thank you for that.


  1. What beautiful are blessed to have such a thoughtful Mom.
    We just finifshed moving the shop yesterday,just around the corner. Now part of the Lighting Center and oh so much nicer, AC,carpet and all !
    Hope things are well with you. Hugs, Amy jo

  2. Hey, where's my roses? Just kidding, I am happy that mom brightens your day with a vase a beauty. You brighten everyone's day too. Love the new scents.


  3. Hi AmyJo!
    You should post pics of your new shop so that we can see and appreciate it with you!
    And your right, I am very lucky to have such a wonderful and thoughtful Mother!